Your Range Card for Life

Military Management Techniques to Help You Control the Everyday Chaos

by John Riotte

How many times have you asked yourself, “What’s the plan?”

The military specializes in teaching its members to quickly assess situations and develop short- and long-term decision making and planning models. Using these models can help make situations that could be stressful or chaotic clearer and more manageable – and you don’t have to be in the military to use them!

Join John Riotte as he explores military planning techniques and how they can help you control your everyday chaos. From planning to follow through, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set clear expectations and realistic timelines
  • Identify obstacles and strategize how to move past them
  • Determine if help is needed, and who can provide it
  • Perform an honest, constructive self-evaluation

Whether organizing a party or mapping out your professional development, a solid plan – with the flexibility to adapt to the unexpected – will help you take the first step and keep moving with confidence towards your goals.

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Genre: Self-Help & Personal Growth: Decision-Making & Problem Solving, Planning Techniques
ISBN: 978-1-945783-18-0, 978-1-945783-19-7
Publication: August 31, 2022
Length: 102 pages

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    Check out Your Range Card for Life: The Workbook by John Riotte, the companion to this guide.

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    “As someone who has read project management books and books on leadership, military or civilian, Your Range Card for Life is a breath of fresh air. There are so many practical examples of how to plan and execute for success. Instead of motivational words and training stories, we get real world examples and paths for success. I really enjoyed John’s analysis of creating a plan, some of which I already did without knowing why and much more to implement. Plus, it’s full of wise insights into everyday life.”

    – John Hicks, Deputy Program Manager, DOE Contractor

    “This book gives clear and practical structure to many of life’s challenges that can cause us to feel overwhelmed, therefore putting off our goals or even giving up. I’m grateful John Riotte has taken the time to translate his military experience into these insightful techniques that anyone, in any position in life, can utilize. Unlike more idealized self-help books, we know these military techniques are tried and true under the most stressful and intense situations. Knowing John has successfully navigated such challenges helps me trust that these techniques can lead readers to their own personal success as well.”

    – Theresa M. Ward, Business Owner + Productivity Consultant

    “As a collegiate head coach, I’m interacting with young adults who are faced with decisions, both important and trivial, on a daily basis. Your Range Card for Life is going to be my new “go-to” resource for strategies that I can help them implement to become the most successful, confident, and capable versions of themselves. The book is a practical, no-fluff guide for those in every stage of life.”

    – Darian Schmidt, Head Diving Coach, Southern Methodist University

    “Explained in a manner that anyone can relate to and use to their advantage, John Riotte offers simple military techniques to help individuals identify an issue, determine key elements, develop multiple courses of action, and then preparing a logical plan to accomplish the objective. Take the two hours you need to read this book and apply what John is presenting here to address just one issue in your life.  I bet you’ll find the concepts in Your Range Card for Life will become tools you can use over and over again. If you’re an educator, I challenge you to use this training aid to assist your students in developing their analytical skills. Semper Fi!”

    – Pat McGilton, Retired Marine

    Your Range Card for Life is the civilian ‘spark notes’ of the internal voice and subconscious reasoning I imagine the child of a military vet would have. While we’re not all lucky enough to have these decision-making skills and strategies ingrained in us from a wise parent, the concepts are logical and simple to adapt. Our lives are more hectic, busy, and anxiety-ridden than ever before, but with these strategies, we can all take a clearer look at what we aim to achieve and have the toolbox to make it happen.”

    – Alexandra Schmidt

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