How2Conquer is an indie nonfiction book publisher, specializing in unique how‑to books that are designed to help readers master new skills quickly. We’re proudly women-owned and based in East Atlanta Village

How2Conquer books generally share three things in common: use of story, an emphasis on graphics, and an encouraging tone. We help our authors translate their extensive knowledge into streamlined, accessible books and workbooks. Our team is a collection of talented editors, content designers, artists, and behind-the-scenes people who make it all function.

Our Team

Michelle Newcome
Michelle Newcome

Founder and Publisher

Emily Owens
Emily Owens

Senior Editor

Charlotte Bleau
Charlotte Bleau

Assistant Managing Editor

Telia Garner
Telia Garner

Illustrator & Editorial Assistant

Our mission is to connect subject experts with the subject curious through empowering nonfiction books.

Our Values

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We believe in the transformative power of words. Story is a powerful tool for conveying nuance and exhibiting ideas in action, and our authors and their work is at the heart of what we do.


We are driven by curiosity, and we know many of our readers share our desire to learn new things and conquer new skills. We strive to create a working environment where our team members can innovate independently and collaboratively, as well as continue to grow personally and professionally.



Our processes and all that we do are built around a commitment to quality, clarity, and beauty. Perfection is only a static destination, and chasing it can be paralyzing; precision is about being careful and exact, and it’s a sustainable path that leads to progress.

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We believe publishing should be an industry where anyone can tell their story and find themselves in the content they read. We are dedicated to making all kinds of knowledge accessible to anyone curious and dedicated enough to seek it, whether you’re holding a print book, using a screen reader, or listening to an audiobook.