So, You Want to Get into Corporate Security?

by Carlos Francisco

“I want to diminish that little feeling that tells you it will be too hard to translate what you knew and experienced in the military, law enforcement, or federal service into a career in the corporate world.”

Although the global demand for physical security is growing, nuances of corporate security have become harder to navigate. From corporate standards and policies to emergency management, even those with extensive skills in the military or law enforcement may struggle to transition into the field.

After years helping folks from the military, law enforcement, emergency services, and federal jobs move into corporate physical security, Carlos Francisco understands how to get you noticed, hired, and set up for success in your new career. So, You Want to Get into Corporate Security? guides you through everything you need to prepare, including:

  • Insights into corporate culture
  • Resume and interview prep
  • Follow ups and offers
  • Your first 30 days on the job

Don’t just get the job – let Carlos be your Corporate Security Translator, and start your first day genuinely ready for service in your new career.

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Genre: Business, Security, Jobs & Careers
ISBN: 9781945783135, 9781945783142
Publication: June 30, 2021
Length: 160 pages

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Carlos continues discussing corporate security in The Corporate Security Translator Podcas‪t‬, available from Buzzsprout, Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and other podcast platforms.

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“Can the transition be a scary process? Not if you plan your exit strategy and prepare yourself! The first step is purchasing Carlos Francisco’s book So, You Want to Get into Corporate Security? It provides an all-encompassing guide to the transition into corporate security and instills confidence, preparation, and ultimately success! Coupling it with Carlos’ podcast The Corporate Security Translator will assist all levels of law enforcement, from the rookie to the seasoned officer close to retirement. Go get this book!”
― Ryan Erwin, General Manager of Marksman Security Corporation and Former Assistant Chief of Police

“Having interviewed hundreds of professionals transitioning from the military or government sector, I have found that while they are all highly capable, they have limited operational knowledge in many areas, much like private security professionals would if they were entering government service. Carlos hits many points that will ease the transition from public to private and help demystify the corporate security world. If you truly want to ‘get into security,’ then this is a great starting point!”
― John Lineweaver, Regional Data Center Security Manager

“I’ve worked with thousands of people during their career transitions, including many military veterans and law enforcement officers. When they ask how to get ahead in their corporate job search, my most important advice is always to talk to an expert in the field. So, You Want to Get into Corporate Security? offers an insider’s point of view with a wealth of resources for professionals at any job level who want to work in the world of corporate security.”
― Scott Vedder, Fortune 100 Recruiter and Bestselling Author of Signs of a Great Résumé and Signs of a Great Interview

“So much has changed in the corporate world since I left it 23 years ago… Transitioning from an environment of rigid rules and regulations (like in the military, a fire department, or police department) into today’s corporate world is daunting to say the least. As I enter the last five years of my government career and am considering my options, I now have a clear picture of what it will look like if I choose to go down the corporate security path. This book will help guide my decision in many ways.”
― Drew Whyte, Firefighter/Paramedic, Arson Investigator, former Executive Protection agent (RST)

“In the year prior to my retirement as Division Chief from a large Sheriff’s Office, I began the process of preparing for the next step in my career, which initially was to be a police chief… There were several resources available from the Chiefs of Police Association and the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) but nothing was readily available for diving into the private sector. So, You Want to Get into Corporate Security? offers practical nuggets of advice for anyone coming from government to the private sector, which is an entirely different world.

“Carlos has provided an excellent guide for maneuvering the nuances of the private sector’s security operations. I highly recommend it for those looking toward the next phase of their career and encourage them to broaden their search into the corporate world.”
― Rickey Ricks, retired Division Chief with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and retired Security Area Manager with Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts