You’re an expert in your field. Maybe it’s mushroom farming or management and leadership. Maybe you teach circus tricks to earthworms. No matter what your skill, there’s someone out there who wants to learn how to do it, too.

What We’re Looking For

How2Conquer publishes small-format, nonfiction books with an emphasis on graphic elements. We prefer completed manuscripts with a target range of 40,00070,000 words.

We specialize in unique how‑to books that are designed to help you master new skills quickly. Our brand emphasizes empowering our readers, with the belief that no one is a “dummy” or “idiot” simply because they want to learn something new. Rather, we are enriched as people, and our lives are deepened, when we continue to seek knowledge.

How2Conquer is currently working to build our lists in the following categories:

  • Business (including Business Development & Resiliency, Business Leadership, Business Management, Restaurant & Food Industry, Retail)
  • Life & Home (including Hobbies, Cooking, Pets & Animal Care)
  • Self-help & Personal Growth
  • Humor

We partner with experts in a variety of fields to share their specialized expertise with our readers. From high‑level corporate executives to experienced volunteers, from veterinarians to school board members, we have worked with a range of authors who all have one thing in common: the desire to share their knowledge.

Please note that we do not generally accept previously published work. If you’d like us to consider a submission for a new edition of a book, please see our FAQs on eligibility or get in touch.

How to Submit

Please follow the instructions on our submission form to send us your work.

This form collects information about you and your book, and it includes a place to upload the first three chapters of your manuscript. While we’d prefer that you include a book proposal, there are questions you can answer if you have not completed one.

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQs or get in touch.

What Happens When You Submit

We review all proposals and manuscript samples submitted via our submission form. We aim to respond to submissions within 34 weeks.

If we choose a manuscript for publication, we generally offer hybrid publishing contracts to unsolicited submissions we have received. We may occasionally offer the author(s) a choice between a hybrid or traditional publishing contract, however, please note that this is not the norm.

We then put together a contract and outline next steps for the project. Once the contract is signed, the book moves into our editing and production process.

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