Happy Grades Workbook

How to Improve Focus, Learning, and Productivity without Sacrificing Joy, Peace of Mind, or Free Time
by Tricia Underwood
Finalist for the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards in Teen Nonfiction!

The Happy Grades Workbook will show you what happens when students stop chasing good grades and all the procrastination, boredom, and burn out in the process, and start a different approach to success in school. Tired of being stuck in a cycle of stress, procrastination, and low self-efficacy, teenagers have realized the old lessons on time management, study skills, and organization just aren’t cutting it anymore. Happy Grades is a new approach to showing students how to succeed without trading in on their happiness, interests, or peace of mind.

With writing prompts and charts to fill out in each section, you’ll learn to:

  • Make and keep meaningful habits while decluttering your space and mind
  • Tackle big tasks in bite-size pieces while staying curious
  • Improve motivation, focus, and memory while increasing happiness
  • Connect with peers, improve relationships, and be accountable
  • Challenge the myths about success to cultivate personal values

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Genre: Education, Learning Styles, Happiness, Self-Help & Personal Growth
ISBN: 978-1-945783-22-7
Publication: September 14, 2023
Length: 170 pages

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“The Happy Grades Workbook strikes the delicate balance between insightful guidance and relatable storytelling. If you think you’ve seen all the get-better-grades books, this one is different in the most excellent ways! Notably, while the Happy Grades Workbook certainly contributes to academic success, it transcends being just another book about achieving better grades.

“Tricia possesses an uncanny ability to connect with students on a deeply human level, valuing their overall well-being as much as their academic pursuits. Tricia skillfully establishes an approachable and enjoyable connection with readers, particularly for teenage audiences. The narratives from her life infuse her advice with authenticity and familiarity, rendering it relatable and remarkably personal.

“Tricia adeptly distills complex concepts into practical step-by-step strategies that are easy to understand, follow, and apply. While the book’s primary audience is teenagers, I adopted several approaches in my own life. Even as an adult reader with a lifetime of working in education, I was genuinely inspired and motivated by the book’s insights.”
― Morgan Potts, Director of Transition Learning Program, Woodward Academy

“Finally, an easy, step-by-step roadmap for the whole family to create the healthy, happy relationships they want with each other as well as learn how to be productive, confident, and successful in school. I will be recommending Happy Grades to all the families I work with who feel like the stress and struggles of school are sucking all the joy out of their lives. There is another way, and Happy Grades shows you how.

“Every chapter of both the workbook and companion guide is filled with tips, strategies, and key takeaways, making this duo super actionable. Tricia’s whimsical, conversational writing style makes you feel like you’re talking with one of your closest friends who always has the best advice and knows exactly how to support you to be the best version of yourself.

Happy Grades is the “glue” that’s missing for so many teenagers who want to be successful in school. It not only tells us how to create more happiness, but it also gives us the tools we need to make happiness stick. The Happy Grades Workbook along with Happy Grades: Workbook Companion Guide for Parents and Educators are the perfect combo for every family with teenagers who, together, want to experience more peace, connection, and joy.”
― Susannah Cole, Co-Author, Flexible Mindsets in Schools: Channelling Brain Power for Critical Thinking, Complex Problem-Solving and Creativity

“I am deeply inspired by Happy Grades. It is a clear, resounding call to educators and parents to look inward and find the joy we need to inspire and support our students, or what I like to call the “win-win.” Tricia has the rare ability to take lofty concepts grounded in research and make them approachable for parents and educators who want to positively impact the lives of their students and children, but may not know where to start. Happy Grades is an enlightening work, that will reshape how you perceive and nurture executive functioning skills.”
― Sean G. McCormick, Founder of The Executive Function Coaching Academy

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