Simply Put

Practical Yoga & Meditation Tools for a Beautiful Life

by Danit Schreiber

Anyone can apply yoga and meditation techniques to lead a more beautiful life.

Simply Put offers practical tools and inspirational ideas to help you cope with life’s constant challenges. Danit shares powerful anecdotes, lessons learned, and advice borne of the hardships she and her family have faced.

These tools were born from the spiritual world of yoga, then tested and formed in real life by the author when she used them in her own yoga studio. With these stories and ideas, Simply Put helps those both on and off the mat find peace, balance, and beauty amid life’s fiercest challenges.

With Simply Put, you’ll learn to:

  • Transform the lessons of yoga and meditation into your own source of strength and independence
  • Use the lessons of yoga and meditation as a source of stability and guidance
  • Regulate your emotions with quick exercises you can do at your desk, in your car, or anywhere on-the-go
  • Lead a more beautiful life by finding balance in your mind, body, and spirit

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Genre: Mindfulness & Meditation, Inspiration & Personal Growth
ISBN: 978-1-945783-25-8, 978-1-945783-31-9
Publication: November 15, 2023
Length: 202 pages

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“One of Danit’s many talents is incredible physical adjustments. She can spot your physical pain from across a room and shift your posture in just the right way to create space throughout the body. Simply Put is like these physical adjustments in book form: a clear, thoughtful collection of small lessons and observations, written to be accessible and relevant to all readers, and sure to make big shifts when applied over time. Simply Put brims with heart, honesty, compassion, and wisdom.”
– Samantha Greene Woodruff, Bestselling Author of The Lobotomist’s Wife and Certified Yoga Instructor

“For the first time in my life, I laid my eyes on a book that felt like a friend. In a single statement, Simply Put is the most penetrating rendition of “Life for Dummies.” Every single reminder, sentence, and overview provides tangible mechanisms for life’s endless pickles in a way that allows you to feel human during the process. A truly life-changing read.”
– Netta De Lagrave-Codina, World Competitive Figure Skater, Coach and Choreographer, Program Coordinator

Simply Put is an invitation to consider our daily experiences differently, take a bird’s eye view, remain true to ourselves, and accept the impermanent nature of life. Danit provides the opportunity and permission for us to truly observe our discomfort and vulnerability while making them the stepping stones of learning and strength on our individual paths. Danit’s sincere and compassionate writing is as approachable as she is, and Simply Put is a gift to all readers.”
– Sonya Sanders

Simply Put tops my short stack of essential reads for personal growth and deflecting stress. With concise, insightful acuity, Danit treats us to a wellspring of practical, applicable wisdom. Her precise and intuitive instructional narrative mirrors her gifted teaching methodology. The tenets of her core beliefs, principles, and sequences cultivate a practice of intention, choice, and awareness. Danit’s authentic voice resonates with relevancy, inspiring us to explore our authenticity.”
– Marie Kimmel, Yoga by Danit Student

Simply Put beautifully bridges the timeless teachings of yoga with a contemporary and pragmatic perspective on life. Rich family narratives, rooted in a tradition of strong and compassionate women, offer fresh insights into daily challenges. Simply Put inspires a newfound appreciation for everyday moments and encourages approaching life with curiosity. After reading, I’ll never leave a pickle jar half-open and am committed to embracing chores with an open mind.”
– Hadas Weisman

Simply Put is a calming resource for managing life’s stressors. Danit’s wisdom and skill deftly demonstrate how to apply yoga and meditation to approach the world in a therapeutic and meaningful way. It’s a primer for life wrapped in a blanket, with a cup of tea, enclosed in a hug.”
– Sharon G. Herzog, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist

“I read Simply Put in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. I know I’ll go back to it over and over for peace, perspective, and life advice. Readers will benefit from Danit’s approach to life’s ups and downs — building a solid personal foundation that can’t be shattered no matter what life throws at us.”
– Alexa Fishback, MS, RD

Simply Put stands out as an engaging guide to integrating the profound wisdom of yoga and meditation seamlessly into daily life. Weaving personal reflections with the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga, Danit invites the reader to undertake their own journey of transformation, self-discovery, and authentic living.”
– Dr. Yarden Finder, Psychologist and Mother