How Not to Suck at Marketing

by Jeff Perkins

If you’ve ever felt like you suck at marketing, you’re not alone. Survive and thrive in today’s digital world.

Let’s face it, marketing today is really, really hard. From the explosion of digital advertising options to the thousands of martech tools out there on the market, it’s virtually impossible to stay on top of it all. Even more challenging is the deluge of analytics available, leaving marketers swimming in data but thirsting for knowledge.

But you don’t have to feel like you suck at marketing. Join award-winning marketing leader Jeff Perkins as he examines how to avoid the pitfalls and survive in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape. Focusing on essential skills for modern marketers, How Not to Suck at Marketing prepares you to:

  • Create a focused marketing program that drives results
  • Collaborate effectively with the key stakeholders
  • Assemble a high-performing marketing team
  • Define and nurture your company (and personal) brand
  • Build a focused career and find the right job for you

Digital tools allow us to track immediate results, but marketing has always been about the long game. Tackle your marketing strategy and build a focused career with this practical guide.

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Genre: Business, Jobs & Careers, Business Leadership
ISBN: 978-1-945783-15-9, 978-1-945783-16-6
Publication: September 2021
Length: 212 pages

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