How2Conquer publishes small-format, nonfiction titles with an emphasis on graphic elements. Our unique how‑to books are designed to help readers master new skills quickly.

We partner with experts in a variety of fields to share their specialized expertise with our readers. From high‑level corporate executives to experienced volunteers, from veterinarians to school board members, we have worked with a range of authors who all have one thing in common: the desire to share their knowledge.

We offer both hybrid and traditional publishing contracts. Regardless of the route a manuscript takes, all our titles receive the same level of editing, design, marketing, and care.

What’s the difference between hybrid and traditional publishing? 


Typically for emerging and established writers


Typically for established writers

  • Accepts more manuscripts
  • Best for emerging writers without a developed platform/audience
  • Higher royalties
  • Publisher and author partner in investing in the project

Read more about hybrid publishing.

  • Available to a select number of manuscripts
  • Usually for established writers (with or without an agent) who have exceptional work or a verifiable record of sales and marketing success
  • Lower royalties
  • Publisher is the sole investor, with no monetary investment by author

Our Services

Author Care and Project Management icon

Author Care & Project Management

We guide your book through the publishing process, from idea to publication to the shared job of promotion. Every author is paired with a designated project contact.


Editing icon


When a manuscript is submitted, our editors determine the level of editing they think it requires. While some works will require only proofreading, others may need further copyediting or developmental editing.


Production and Design icon

Production & Design

Every author’s book is different. We create a custom design for your cover and manuscript, as well as illustrations and graphics, to both make it beautiful and give your book its best chance of success.


Print and Distribution icon

Print & Distribution

Whether you want to see your book on Amazon, at an indie bookstore, or in a library, we make it possible. All How2Conquer books are distributed by Ingram Book Group, making your book available to 40,000+ retailers worldwide.


Marketing icon


We partner with our authors to create comprehensive marketing plans that include media and publications, social media, early reviewer programs, and other ways to boost awareness of your book.


Rights and Metadata Management icon

Rights & Metadata Management

Metadata – or “data about data” – at its most basic level is how people find books. From categories to keywords, we monitor your book metadata for the life of the book. All books receive ISBNs and a Library of Congress number.


Our Process

We get excited about the smell of bookstores and discovering a new book on the shelf, and learning about a new manuscript is no different. This is when we get to know you and your book, catch your enthusiasm for the subject, and determine if the book is a good fit for us.

After we receive your submission, our editors review the book details, including items such as a synopsis, outline, and manuscript sample. How2Conquer only publishes manuscripts that we consider to be ready for publication, based on the merit of the writing and development of the idea. If your manuscript is chosen, we send you a contract offer. You (our new author!) complete an Author Questionnaire, send us an author photo, and, if not already included with the manuscript sample, submit the first 50 pages of your manuscript.

At this stage, we are plotting a course for your book. We review the first 50 pages of the manuscript, considering grammar, structure, and tone, as well as any developmental work that may need to be done. We send you our feedback, and at the end of the author review period, you let us know if you’d like to implement the edits or have us do it.

While this is happening, our fantastic illustrator uses your photo to create an author graphic. We start defining the initial marketing plan details, developing your cover design and back cover copy, and planning the illustrations and infographics for your book.

If you haven’t already finished writing your book, this is also the time where you’ll do so, utilizing the feedback from our initial review. This phase wraps up when you send us the rest of your book.

This is when we really start to get down into the weeds of the project. We settle in and review your book in its entirety, wherever we are. (And we’ve edited in a lot of places – from comfy chairs to transcontinental flights to British trains.) Taking into account the changes made after our initial feedback, we look at the structure again, considering any restructuring that may need to be done or ideas that could be expanded. We copyedit and proofread, checking grammar and polishing as needed.

As we review, our illustrator completes the book illustrations, and we finalize our marketing and event plans. We send you our Marketing: A Guide for Authors booklet to help spark ideas for platform development and ways you can be involved with promotion.

Then we start shouting about your book on social media. With your author and book pages going up on our website, how could we not?

At the end of this phase, we start our final reviews – first of the content and illustrations individually, and then together – and approve the book for production.

Now we start shaping your book into the final product, pulling together all the pieces we’ve been working on. We add the content and imagery into the layout, review, and send you the page proofs to approve for publication!

Our marketing plan kicks off in earnest as we make Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) available to early reviewers, set up pre-orders, connect with marketing partners, and start posting pre-launch ads. After we’ve reviewed and approved the print proof, we sail into the next phase.

Your book is going out into the world now! The initial print run is on its way to us, and we’re busy scheduling content to coincide with the launch. We finalize any launch event details, and then it’s here – the official publication date!

Your book becomes available from our website and a number of bookstores and retail sites, including Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books, IndieBound, Amazon, and more!

We call this a phase, but really, we’ll never grow out of it. We start with the launch event and submitting your book to things like the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards. As time goes on, we continue scheduling marketing campaigns for your book, reviewing and optimizing metadata, and looking for other opportunities to reach your audience.

But while we strategically plan promotions and maintain your book’s visibility on our networks, your voice is what your audience wants to hear. Marketing is about helping your audience find you so you can share your expertise, and we do everything we can to help support your efforts.