Lead with CARE

How Successful Leaders Manage Happy, Effective Teams with Concern, Authenticity, Realism, and Empathy
by Ely Albalos

With a no-nonsense attitude toward leadership, Lead with CARE is a modern approach to people management and performance development. Ely Albalos distills difficult leadership and business management concepts into an easy-to-understand, useful philosophy, CARE: Have Concern, Be Authentic, Be Realistic, and Express Empathy.

Using learning devices such as pneumonics, acronyms, and visual aids, Albalos introduces proven principles for successful corporate leadership based on his experience working alongside Fortune 500 Company CEOs at Apple, Facebook, and Google. With the CARE philosophy, you’ll:

  • Learn research-supported methods of effective leadership and business management.
  • Take a peek behind the curtain at the complexities of leading in corporate tech environments.
  • Gain confidence to apply skills learned in any environment.

New and experienced leaders alike can gain insight into effective leadership skills, helping them lead their organizations to new levels of impact. Not your typical management book, Lead with CARE will give you the practical skills you need to be the best leader you can be.

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Genre: BusinessBusiness Leadership
ISBN: 978-1-945783-24-1, 978-1-945783-34-0
Publication: February 2024
Length: 220 pages


“True leadership is only valuable if you can help others to be their best while accomplishing shared organizational goals. Lead with CARE is a practical and tactical guide on how to approach this leadership challenge. Lead with CARE provides new leaders concrete steps to get started building a solid foundation and explains WHY these moves are so important to a leader’s overall impact.”
– Dr. Stefanie Phillips, CEO, at Chamberlin Education Foundation

“Ely shares his real-world leadership examples and challenges while also providing solutions for successful outcomes. Improve your leadership skills with simple but powerful tools used by successful leaders. Lead with CARE is a handbook for those at any level of their professional journey. Non-managers, managers, and tenured leaders will find useful tools to adapt to their own leadership style are and improve their engagement with others. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in leadership as a topic of learning or greater understanding.”
– John R. Day, Corporate Security Professional, Law Enforcement Chief, (Retired)

“A fantastic read to Lead with CARE from a proven results-driven professional who has paved the path to success at multiple major Silicon Valley companies. I take great pride in having worked alongside Ely at one of them. I highly recommend this valuable book to newbies and seasoned professionals who seek to initiate or polish a corporate team mentality via Ely’s CARE ideology, which can certainly drive success in both simple and industry-shaping projects.”
– Christopher Salgado, CEO, All Points Investigations, LLC

Lead with CARE nails the essential principles and traits for successful corporate leadership. The importance of thoughtful meetings and building trust are broken down to help readers understand the benefits of open communication, while recognizing one’s cognitive limits. By fostering these approaches, leaders can affect excellence in others.”
– Steve Krystek, CEO, PFC Safeguards, PFC Group of Companies