Cooking Clean

Practical Food Safety for Every Kitchen

by Michelle Newcome

Keeping your food and family safe doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Cooking Clean will help give you a good feeling of control over the safety of the food you’re cooking to nurture yourself and your family. Learn the basics of food safety and how food becomes unsafe.

With tips, need-to-know basics, and downloadable resources, gain confidence over the safety of your kitchen in no time.

With our six steps to cooking clean, you’ll learn how to:

  • Keep good personal hygiene
  • Avoid cross contamination
  • Keep a sanitized kitchen
  • Maintain the correct temperatures in prepping, cooking, and storing food
  • Manage your pantry
  • Tell how long your food lasts
  • Deal with a food recall
  • … and more!

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Genre: Life & Home, Cooking
ISBN: 9781945783098, 9781945783104
Publication: December 31, 2023
Length: 46 pages

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