Spin the Bottle Service

Hospitality in the Age of AI

by Kirsten and Paul Moxness

Great hospitality is about personal experiences and human interactions – and it can be as simple as pouring a drink and spinning the bottle.

Airports, hotels, bars, and restaurants all present opportunities for hospitality to touch the life of a stranger. In our increasingly data-driven world, we’ve created systems to quantify, digitize, and calculate how to get the most out of these moments of interaction, but is data really the only way to know if we’re truly being of service?

Smart hoteliers and restaurateurs understand the power of personal interactions, and as the drive to digital speeds up, the ability to craft a meaningful human interaction will be a big differentiator in the market battle for guest satisfaction and retention. Using examples from over thirty years of international travel and experience in the hospitality industry, Kirsten and Paul Moxness explore key elements of creating personal experiences for guests, including:

  • Making genuine gratitude a natural and contagious habit
  • Respecting upgrades and freebies, and handling necessary downgrades
  • Encouraging supportive teams and empowering each employee to provide exceptional experiences
  • Taking a compassionate and proactive approach to safety and crisis management and resolving problems

Digital cannot replace human interaction, and hospitality is all about making memorable moments of personal experience. Spin the Bottle Service is here to show you that making the most of the touchpoints beyond digital can be as easy as a twist of the wrist.

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Genre: Business, Hospitality
ISBN: 9781945783111, 9781945783128
Publication: June 23, 2021
Length: 154 pages

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Spin the Bottle Service will not only help you deliver more personalized and caring service, but it will also help you be a better guest. If Paul and Kirsten send one clear message, it is that recognizing the person on the other side of the table makes for a better life experience, regardless of which side of the table you are on. Well written, interesting, and informative.”

Maggie Craig, Award-Winning International Screenwriter and Filmmaker

“A subtle, yet warm page-turner, Spin the Bottle Service uses excellent storytelling and descriptions of Paul and Kirsten’s travels to help readers better understand how people shape hospitality’s best practices.”

Marion Russdal-Hamre and Bjørn Platou, General Manager at Decon-X International AS, Oslo, Norway

 “Being in the same industry for over 40 years myself, you just can’t make these stories up. If an issue arises, you need to run to it (as opposed to away from it), truly own the problem, and solve it. Although Paul has retired from the hospitality business, you can always count on his frank and wise wisdom, no-nonsense approach, and commitment to caring which comes through in his and Kirsten’s book.”

Howard Bennett, Managing Director at Radisson Collection Hotel, Xing Guo Shanghai

“[Kirsten and Paul’s] down-to-earth and often humorous stories capture you immediately as they’re so easy to relate to. Although written from a hospitality point of view, the practical insights and tools offered can easily be applied by anyone in any industry who wishes to truly up their game on service touchpoints.”

Jan Spooren, Talent Development and Management Specialist

“A great insight and fresh take on what delivering genuine service is all about and the importance of the human touch to excel or fail at it. Written in a straightforward way with a touch of humour, Spin the Bottle Service would be useful for everyone in all layers of the service industry. A nice read for starters and professionals.”

Mark Mosselman, International Hotelier

“Authentic, inspirational, and pragmatic… The lessons learned are plentiful, accessible, and applicable. I particularly appreciated the approach of delivering great service based on human values rather than systems and procedures, which is truly what hospitality is all about in the end. Inspiring and entertaining!”

Bertrand Petyt, CEO of Ausonia Cruise Holding, Managing Partner at Vitruvius Partners Group, Professor at International University of Monaco, and member of the Board of Advisors at Long Island University

“At its essence, Spin the Bottle Service reflects Paul and Kirsten’s kindness as the new operating system for creating and living in a kinder and gentler world.”

Joe Jacobi, Olympic Gold Medalist, Performance Coach, Executive Coach

“A well-written book from two insiders in the service industry… Employees and leaders in service management will benefit from it because, with the use of many good examples followed by tasks, it describes the enormous importance the individual employee’s commitment and dedication has for a hospitality business’ success or mediocrity.”

Christian Gartmann, International Hotelier, Carlson Fellow, and retired Area Vice President at the predecessor to Radisson Hotel Group, Carlson Rezidor

“I loved how Spin the Bottle Service pulled me in with its stories about real-life experiences… Every topic covered is a best practice module and case study any member of the hospitality industry can reflect on and implement in their job. As a hotelier, having stories from different service fields was beneficial for me to benchmark and evaluate further. I’m sure industry members will enjoy and benefit from this book a lot.”

Erdem Bilgin, General Manager at Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa, Istanbul Tuzla

“Excellent book for hospitality students and industry leaders. Spin the Bottle Service is full of genuine hospitality stories and examples from Paul and Kirsten’s global journey. Nothing is fake in this book. It’s written in a fun and interesting way, and I love that it asks the reader to stop and reflect by asking relevant questions after each chapter. It’s an inspiring collection of stories and life lessons. I will use this book in the Master of Luxury Management class at The International University of Monaco.”

Beathe-Jeanette Lunde, Hospitality Industry Expert and former Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Carlson Group USA

“Paul and Kirsten Moxness show the importance of genuine hospitality, from creating moments of truth at every customer touchpoint to keeping a make-it-right attitude. To the point: People make the difference! It’s a fantastic and enjoyable book that should be used as food for thought by anyone who wants to start a career in the hospitality industry, as a reminder to active leaders, and as an eye-opener to anyone hoping to improve customer satisfaction.”

René M. Singeisen, Hospitality Consultant and former General Manager of international chain hotels