Now Available: How Not to Suck at Marketing by Jeff Perkins

Do you ever feel like you suck at marketing? 

Let’s face it, marketing today is really, really hard. From the explosion of digital advertising options to the thousands of martech tools out there on the market, it’s virtually impossible to stay on top of it all. Join award-winning marketing leader Jeff Perkins as he examines how to avoid the pitfalls and survive in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape.

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What Others are Saying

“If you’re new to marketing, start here. Perkins breaks down this incredibly complex discipline into the bare essentials you’ll need to market your company and build your personal brand. Thanks to his refreshingly honest stories and humorous anecdotes, you’ll find this marketing guide hard to put down.”
— Drew Neisser, Founder of Renegade LLC and CMO Huddles, and author of Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands

“A go-to resource for anyone who is seeking growth in an ever-changing business environment. Jeff has written the essential book on how to excel at marketing — while being just an all-around good person to work with.”
— Jo Ann Herold, Chief Marketing Officer, The Honey Baked Ham

“In an age where marketing as a functional discipline is increasing in scope and importance — not just in the c-suite but also in the boardroom — Jeff weaves in and out of both the strategic value of marketing as well as the practical tips needed to be successful (a.k.a. not sucking).”
— Alexandra Gobbi, CMO, Code42 Software