How2Conquer Announces Open Submissions Period

How2Conquer is looking for nonfiction book submissions from subject experts who want to share their expertise with readers.

Whether your goal is to contribute to thought leadership in your field, to offer a guide alongside a course you’ve designed, or simply to help others succeed with what you’ve learned, we welcome you to submit your work!

We help our authors navigate the publishing journey, from developing a manuscript to helping build their platform and marketing efforts. We’ve worked with authors from a range of backgrounds, from high‑level corporate executives to experienced volunteers, and veterinarians to school board members.

During our open reading period from September 1st to October 31st, we will be accepting unagented submissions of any projects suited to our lists or similar categories. (So if you don’t see your topic on the list, please still submit!) We prefer manuscripts with a target range of 40,000 – 70,000 words. Authors may submit the first three chapters of a manuscript along with a book proposal; if you don’t have a proposal, we’ve provided fields on the submission form to collect this information.

We respond to submissions within 6-8 weeks. For more information, please see Become an Author.