About Hybrid Publishing

How2Conquer publishes work under two types of contracts:

  • Traditional publishing model
  • Hybrid publishing model

Until the early 2000s, the traditional model was the only way to get a book published. In this model, the publisher assumes all financial risk associated with releasing a book, including paying the author an advance on potential sales.

The hybrid publishing model behaves just like the traditional, except that books are published using an author-subsidized business model, and in exchange the publisher offers a higher-than-standard share of sales proceeds to the author.

How2Conquer adheres to the Independent Book Publishers Association’s criteria for hybrid publishers

All services offered in How2Conquer’s hybrid publishing contract are equal to those rendered through our traditional publishing contract. The key difference is that a hybrid model offers a higher royalty percentage to the author(s) because they are paying for a portion of the cost to develop the book.

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Although hybrid publishing companies are author-subsidized, they are different from other author‑subsidized models in that hybrid publishers adhere to professional publishing standards. Regardless of who pays for editorial, design, and production fees, it is always the publisher that bears responsibility for producing, distributing, and ultimately selling professional‑quality books.

IBPA Hybrid Publisher Criteria